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    We here at The Order of the Black Arts pride ourselves on what we do and what we can do to further Satanic Unity. The word affiliation is defined in the dictionary as follows: 1. To bring into relationship, as in formal membership in an institution. 2. Formal connections.

    Well simply put we the Council see it as this all these Satanic Organizations misuse the word affiliate they merely link to another Group, Church, or organization. We the Order of the Black Arts wish to change this with a brand new affiliations program. We are not going to just link a bunch of pages together we are going to make sure we do our part in helping with our Associates. There shall be an intense screening program, which will rid The Order of the Black Arts of any bad reputations due to the backing of a misrepresented Satanic Site. We shall also do regular check ups on our Affiliates sites just to cover our backs. If we feel you site is misrepresenting Satanism then you shall be deleted from our Affiliations page. Like I said earlier we The Order of Black Arts pride ourselves in what we can and what we do accomplish in the fight for Satanic Unity. Theses sites below show there dedication to the Satanic Movement with there help to others or us The Order of the Black Arts, just like we shall return the help. The sites listed here are very notable and worthy of being our Affiliates, they prove they their dedication through their hard work in their personal lives and business lives. They are helpful too many others they donít look out for just themselves if help is needed these Organizations jump right on it, as we shall do for others as well. This new Affiliations program is simply put a bond between the affiliated sites. This program can and will succeed if we all do our part to make sure we help our selves and our affiliates. If you fell that your Organization is up to the above task with not only furthering their Organization but others as long as itís helpful and essential to the Satanic Movement, You can submit your site here for review ( Please note it may take a few hours or days depending on the size of content your site offers before we make our final decision. Keep in mind this is not just a link program itís a bond which we here at The Order of Black Arts hold dearly, and if you or your site fails in our eyes you shall be removed but no hard feelings we are all working for the same purpose right?


Reverend Shoggoth

The Order Of The Black Arts

The Temple Of The Black Flame