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      As most of us already know, Satanism is about glorifying the self, most start off looking for a external god but never find it. When we look in the right places we find that god, but we find it is not an external deity but an internal deity, but this is only the beginning, because we have realized that we have the potential to be a god, it doesn't mean that we are. we have to develop ourselves, in mind and spirit and body, the three must work in unison and become one. how do we accomplish this. The answer is rather simple but the path is not.  Zen states that life is suffering, why do we suffer because we attach our emotions to objects and people. So when we lose something or someone that we are emotionally attached to it causes suffering. Therefore we should detach ourselves from the things that cause us to suffer.  It is not difficult to become detached from the things that cause us suffering. This is achieved through the eight fold path of Zen, this is the way.  The right understanding, The right thinking, The right speech, The right attitude, The right livelihood, The right effort, The right mindfulness, and The right concentration. If you want to continue to suffer then go right ahead, if you do not want to continue to suffer then we must change the way we function. By recognizing what is ego and what is not we are able to remove the ego from the self and learn about the true self that is hidden behind the ego.  The ego is a fabricated illusion of the true self. Once we recognize The true self then we begin our journey to enlightenment. In Zen Satanism Lucifer is our source of enlightenment. Lucifer is not an actual deity but rather an unseen force that moves the entire universe. All things are a direct result of this force. It is this consciences force that has brought to us the Infernal Gift known as the Black Flame.  The Black Flame is in essence the ability to think for ones self, the ability to identify the self. The ability to utilize the mind and become enlightened.  Zen Satanism is beyond words, Zen Satanism is a direct experience of the way things are.  Zen Satanism is a personal journey to enlightenment, it is about knowing the mind without thought.  Through meditation=Zen and magick=Satanism we can achieve unlimited possibilities and opportunities to fulfill the true self not the ego. There are no gods outside of the self. Magick is not the worship of any god but it is the externalizing of the individual will.  By incorporating the force known as Lucifer we strengthen ourselves and gain a better understanding of the unknown. Satan,  Lucifer has always been associated with the unknown, therefore if we explore and develop the unknown parts of ourselves we become more like the cosmic force know as Lucifer. this is a life long journey for us. It takes patience and life time of commitment. We must always work to achieve enlightenment. It is a journey that no one but you can make, it is up to you the individual to decide.  This path is not for everyone and you should be aware of the commitment you make by choosing this path for it is the path less traveled. As the old saying goes no rest for the wicked well that holds true here. Glory to the one and only true god THE SELF.

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