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Anton LaVey was a great man and rabid Liar!

Many sophisticated Satanists have read and almost completely understand his written works. However, many fail to understand LaVey as a man, his personal life, or the lies he told.

This simple action will allow you as a Satanist or the Satanist you thought you were, to read between the lines of LaVey's Doctrines and find the truth about Satanism.

Through my studies of his doctrines and written work,  I have realized the religion so many call Satanism was an experiment to see how many blind followers LaVey could acquire.

However, within this Experiment the truth does lie.

By following those 5 statements, you will find the truth and you shall find Satanic Enlightenment!

The True Satanist only looks out for himself. What I propose within this council is that we share the truths and knowledge we acquire with all who inhabit this council.

As I said, the True Satanist is the evil one disguised as the Great One who will eventually rule the world. This is the Satanism LaVey actually established. The Satanic Bible is still correct, it applies to this as well.  

A little proof to back this accusation up....

Think of it logically: if the Satanism that we are all used to following was indeed the Real Satanism, then the Satanic Bible would apply only to that. Stop, look, and listen. You will surely see and become aware that the Bible applies to this Satanism as well.

This Council was designed for the True Satanist, the ones who were born with the knowledge to see beyond  LaVey's mere experiment, find the truth and follow the real religion that he established,  but hid within his experiments.

This council will consist of many true Satanists,  but this council will remain underground. Council members will be invited only by me personally, Reverend Shoggoth.

Those who will be invited are those who run their own Satanic Organization. Upon acceptance, their Church/Org. members will also be allowed to participate in this council.

This council will work in affiliation with other Satanic Organizations under the approval of Reverend Shoggoth.


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