Truly Enlightened Satanist

Before I begin let me state the fact that I am not claiming to have created what lies within these pages. I have just collected the information and gathered it so to say.

However I have studied what is believed to be the traditional Satanism. Dating back to the beginning of time, Satanism has existed.  Over the years our religion has become so watered down and many aspects have been lost throughout those years.

Through my many years searching for the right religion for myself, I have noticed many various aspects of Satanism have been taken from the religion and added to what the creator wished to throw in.

True Underived Satanism is a brotherhood and sisterhood; a family, it is what the Satanic Community has already displayed to us. As I said above we are a family and if you wish to devote your time and join us you may do so and we will gladly welcome you within our ranks.

Please Note that modern Satanism such as those Satanist who follow Lavey to a Tee are not welcome within our ranks, Lavey was nothing but a thief who claimed to create Satanism. I cry Bullshit.

Within the T.E.S., you will notice that we have taken traditional Satanism, demonology, astral projection and meditation and rejoined these practices to recreate what was once lost through the sands of time.

This knowledge is free to the public and I will include all the information I can on the subjects listed above, however if you wish to join this course and study of magick feel free to do so although you will enter on the probationary level. After completing the entire task on that level you may begin to move up the ladder.

Following Levels and task included:

Probationary: Must complete 1 page essay on your choice of demonic sigils, and a 1 page essay on a Satanic icon other than Lavey he is just a thief.

Student: Must summarize Traditional Satanism 1 page essay and write 3 1-page essays on your choice of three demonic sigils.

Practitioner: Must write a 3-page essay on the combination of Astral Projection. Demonic Sigils and rituals and the final outcome of the pervious combined actions.

Master Magician: Final Level must write 3 rituals using Demonic sigils, Invocation, Astral Projection, the rituals must include a Destruction ritual a Compassion ritual and a Love ritual.

You must keep a strict record of the work you have done this is a self-paced course. You must upload your records to a folder you will create within the File Cab. And then you will only upload information into your own folder no one else’s.


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