Satanic Crisis Prevention Center

Ave all! And welcome to the S.C.P.C.  Here you will find help for your problems, no matter how overwhelming.  I know that some of you are sitting there going, "What the fuck?? Aren't Satanists supposed to be strong and capable of coping?" Satanists are human too, and I know of a few times when I wish I had people to talk to, to help me make difficult decisions or help me through hard times.  If any of you need to talk, about anything, Reverend Shoggoth,  me, and all the other wonderful counselors are here for you.

Reverend Shoggoth
AIM: Revshoggoth21
Icq: 47076898

Reverend Clover
AIM: Clover Kitty147
Icq: 64946646
Yahoo messenger:Clover_Kitty147

If you need something more immediate, You can call me at 801-982-1969. This is my own personal line, so you will always reach me on this line.  If you get my machine, leave a message and i will get back to you ASAP.

Reverend Berzerker

Aim: m3g4lom4n14c
ICQ: 74731124, but he's rarely on that.
Yahoo! messenger: Sadistic_Candyman
Email: OR


ICQ: 93424769 (I'm usually on invisible, but just message me)
Yahoo! Messenger: sunee999777


I would very much like more volunteers for this program. If you'd like to join, email me with the subject line SCPC.


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