Below you shall find many various rituals I have created over the years. These rituals are not limited to Satanic rituals through my years of living I have studied Demonology,Wicca,Satanism and other religions of the left handed path. So these rituals will include practices from the above religions.

Altar Devotion


   To be held prior to circle casting


   Breathe deeply, ground and center.

   Raise hands in Goddess position, spread in a V above your head, then

   slowly lower them and cross them in the God position, feeling the

   power coursing down your arms throughout your body.

   Light an illuminator candle


   Light the incense at the East, clap hands over the flame to extinguish

   "Creature of Air

   I cleanse and consecrate thee

   to remove all negativity in this world

   So mote it be"

   Pass your hand over the incense three times to banish all negativity,

   imagine a sparkling light around the incense


   Light the candle at the South

   "O creature of Fire

   I cleanse and consecrate thee

   to remove all negativity in this world

   So mote it be"

   Pass your hand over the flame three times, same as above.


   Do the same for West and North, with water and a bowl of salt



   Hold the bowl of water and raise it before you, move it to the center.

   Put three pinches of salt in the water, using either your fingers or

   the athame

   Stir with athame

   "As the rod is the God

   So is the chalice to the Goddess"

   Lower the knife into the water

   "And together they are one"

   Imagine the water exploding with Divine energy as you place the knife

   into it. Feel the energy coursing around your altar.

   Remove the knife.

   Beginning North, move your hands over the altar five times, mixing the

   powers of the elementals. Tap the hilt of the knife on the altar at

   your right five times to seal.

   Your altar is prepared. You are now ready to cast the circle and begin

   workings of magick.

Angel Trap

The purpose of the angel trap is to capture and dissolve any 'angels'

created on the astral by the fundamentalists to seek out and harrass anyone

that does not share their religious beliefs.


The Angel Trap was originally published in Green Egg. The author's name is

Frater Scientibus. The author of this version is James Cowan. He changed

it slightly and made it his own.


* I have added an extra instruction at the beginning and it works

  wonderfully for me.


You will need:


a clean jar with a tight lid

soapy water

kosher salt

paint (black, red and yellow)

sealing wax

a lighter or matches




* With your black paint, paint X's all around the middle of the jar. They

don't have to be large to be effective. When that is dry, paint an X on the

bottom of the jar. Let dry. The purpose of the X's is this: when the angels

get trapped in the jar, they will look for a way out. There will be none.

They will have no choice but to dissolve. They will also know never to

bother you again for they will know what the consequences will be.



Pour the soapy water into the jar, swirl it around coating all sides. Pour

the water back out.


Slowly pour the salt into the jar. Turn the jar at an angle to coat all

sides. While this is drying, paint the lid black. Let dry.


Next, take the lid and paint a pentagram on the top of it using the red



When that is dry, paint a spiral in the center of the pentagram using the

yellow paint. Visualize this spiral as being a pathway into the center of

the jar.


When the spiral is dry, carefully put the lid back on the jar making sure

not to dislodge the salt.


Use the wax to seal the jar.

Conjure Spirits

Waxing Moon or Full Moon: Waning or New Moon
Two tall purple candles Two tall green candles
A purple Amethyst Green Jade or Agate - in center of altar
Sandalwood & Lavender Incense Sandalwood & Willow Bark Incense
Spirit Candle


Cast a triple circle. Conjuring of Spirits is always done in hours of darkness, not necessary to be midnight, but preferred.

After you have performed your primary ritual, cast the incense into your burner, Place the Spirit Candle into the center of the altar and say:

"Spirit of good will, I bid thee enter
The Outer Circle.
The Second Circle.
The Inner Circle.

I am protected by this Pentacle upon my breast.
Which bears the name of (your Spirit Guide)
I bid thee, Spirit, Reveal thy Earthly name!

(turn slowly deosil as you speak)

Repeat this conjuration three times.

Perform a nine card Tarot Divination for the Spirit's name, unless the Spirit replies in some other manner.

Ask: Have you a message for me?

Perform ATarot Divination or use the Witches' Bowl to ask questions.

Spirit, is it true that....?

Deal gently with the friendly Spirits and they will lead you to the Greater Mysteries.

During your questioning, observe the Spirit Candle. If it wavers or rises and falls, or flickers unevenly, use the Tarot to see if the Spirit has a message.

You may ask 3 questions, after that you must ask:

May I seek further guidance?

Ask only 3 more questions.

Bid the Spirit depart, saying:

(Name), Good Spirit,
Thou hast diligently answered my questions and I do thank thee. I
hereby give thee license to depart. Depart, thrice - blessed Spirit, and be
thou willing to return when next I conjure thee. By the sound of this bell
(Use your Witche's Bell), do I bie thee leave. Depart, Depart. Depart!

Witches' Bowl

Three casting stones, a bowl or tray 13" or more in diameter, marked for divination.

Death Spell

Get some wax from an old church or, failing that, from what is called

a 'botanica shop' (Catholic Magick).  Out of the wax, make what is

called an 'effigy'.  Now it will be better if you can get some of your

enemy's hair and/or clothing or finger/toe-nails.  Put them at the

appropriate place on the effigy.  When you've made it, then set it up

on your altar.


Seal the association with some blood.  Get some blood from a butcher

or if you have to from your finger with a pin.  Smear this on the

effigy, especially on the head and the genital area.  Do this in

candle-light and don't let anyone else know you are doing it.


Enact the spell.  Make up some nonsense words (the Lord's Prayer said

backwards is good) and chant these as you drive a pair of scissors

deep into the heart of the effigy.  Imagine a great sword penetrating

the chest of your enemy and see hir falling to the ground with a

heart- attack or perhaps some sort of industrial accident.  Drive

those scissors in deep and leave them there on your altar for exactly

3 days, meditating on this image and the potency of your spell.

Again, don't tell anyone you're doing this.


Within three days your enemy will be dead.  Take the effigy and

scissors and wrap a clean white cloth around them.  Tie it up real

good and put a few large stones in with them.  Go to the nearest body

of water and throw this into it sometime near midnight.  Don't let

anyone know that you are doing this either.


Don't say anything about your spell to anybody for at least a week.

If you find out that your enemy didn't die, then don't tell anyone for

two weeks.  They'll die sometime within the next month.  Sometimes the

evil gods need to know you are serious before they will allow you to

carry out your wrath.


Don't take public credit for the death.  If you do, they'll lock you

up or consider you a suspect of what may appear to authorities to be a




This spell is very powerful.  It should be used in PLACE of physical

violence.  Violence is often illegal and will likely rebound upon you,

just like the bambi-wiccans say.  They only know SOCIAL laws of

magick.  Do the spell just like I told you and forget about the

person, secure in the knowledge that you have caused them everlasting



You see, their soul will not go to heaven.  Since they were killed

with magick and you've thrown the effigy into a body of water, they

cannot ever get into heaven until someone finds the effigy and removes

the scissors in a magical rite.  Fat chance. :>


It's as simple as that!  Most magick is about the same kind of thing.


Well thats about all for this section I have many more but you will have to request what you dont see here. Also be sure to check out the file cab. for other various spells that were to large to post here. If you have any spells or rituals you would like to contribute please fell free to e-mail them to me or upload them in the file cabinet.


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